from left to right: Marc de Regt, Zjenja Guberman and Robert Müter
It is hard to imagine that almost nothing is left of the musical grandeur that radiated from the Netherlands in the 1960s. Bands like Q65 and The Outsiders, considered worldwide to be the best and wildest of all the Beat, have hardly managed to cast a shadow on the things to come. When in 1996 The Kliek called it a day, it looked like the last remnants of the (in)famous Nederbeat had finally left the scene.

Unfortunately for all the people who were glad to be rid off it, Amsterdam-based Kek 66 returned the beat to the Dutch and European stages. Especially many of the smaller, badly lit, semi-squatted, almost torn down clubs and venues have known this and since the end of 1999 also the larger clubs in the country. The turbulent success over the last five years led to 2 singles and two LP's (ofcourse also on vinyl) and several tours in the Netherlands and abroad.

Singer/guitarplayer Robert Müter, bassplayer Marc de Regt and drummer Zjenja Guberman convince as the true interpreters of a long lost and forgotten genre. The passion-drenched garagenoise, the non-conformist, innocent looking, breathtaking youngsters and their sober yet uncomparibly vivid show never cease to get new crowds out of their wits of excitement.
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